New Blog Series: CAR Tip in a Minute

We know our partner community is itching to demonstrate amazing things with SAP Customer Activity Repository powered by SAP HANA. To accelerate your critical path to success, we’ve tapped directly into the development team behind the product in order to introduce this new blog series.

With the CAR Tip in a Minute, you can expect fast, simple, and easy-to-implement technical tips and tricks straight from the development team themselves! Our team of experts will be steadily streaming their best practices on a wide variety of subjects, from the back-end views all the way to front-end implementation. You’ll also become more familiar with product documentation, technical tidbits, and videos you probably never knew existed!

Have Your Say

Don’t want to wait for your hot topic to show up?  Send us an email and let us know what you’re curious about!

Stay tuned for the next CAR Tip in a Minute, coming soon on the CAR Partner Development Center powered by the SAP Community Network.

What is difference between a multi-channel and omni-channel customer experience ?

Multi-channel strategy allows customers to use the channel of their choice. ¬†Multichannel is an operational view. Omni-channel, however,¬† is all about customer experience, orchestrating the customer experience across all channels so that it is seamless, integrated and consistent. Omni-channel includes the addition of social and mobile channels and anticipates that customers may start in one […]