What is difference between a multi-channel and omni-channel customer experience ?

Multi-channel strategy allows customers to use the channel of their choice. ¬†Multichannel is an operational view. Omni-channel, however,¬† is all about customer experience, orchestrating the customer experience across all channels so that it is seamless, integrated and consistent. Omni-channel includes the addition of social and mobile channels and anticipates that customers may start in one […]

Pallet Management in SAP retail

I just want to know if you have some ideas related to a pallet management


We manage  articles : article  type   “FRIP”  (perishables)  and for this article type,   we have  suppliers/stores orders        suppliers/stores deliveries     goods receipts from suppliers/ goods issues for stores           bills for stores / invoices control for suppliers.


I have to find a way to manage pallets as transport help equipment (not linked to any articles) and I don’t know  exactly which article type  I have to used




There will be  around 15 articles “palets”  (= reference palets)


The goal  is to track    reference  pallets   from suppliers to platforms   and from     platforms to stores :  So to know how many  reference pallets  are received on platform ( with a good receipt from a supplier to a platform) and        how many  reference pallets  are send  from a platform to a store ( with a good issue from a platform to a store)


The  value of these reference palets   is  0 :   So, there is no bill   / no invoice control  for these articles .   There  is also no order for these reference pallets .  In first approach, there will  only   good receipts or  good issues  (maybe claims to adjust quantities) for these reference pallets     articles.